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All Stat understands that your time is valuable. We now provide online Inservices to meet your CEU Requirement in the comfort of your own home.

HHA's, CNA's, PCA's, Homemakers and Companions are required to complete 12 annual inservices. Homemakers and Companions need only 6 inservices annually. All Stat offers these free of charge. Some inservices have multiple downloads. Please click on the selected item to download it to your computer. After you have read the inservices, you must either complete the Quiz which follows each month or come in to the office to to take the Quiz. Instructions can be downloaded by clicking Inservice Instructions.

Month InService Quiz Required
January HIPAA Inservice HIPPA Quiz All staff
February AIDS/OSHA Inservice AIDS/OSHA Quiz All staff
March Disaster Plan Inservice Disaster Plan Quiz All staff
April Universal Precautions Inservice Part 1 Universal Precautions Quiz All staff
  Universal Precautions Inservice Part 2    
  Universal Precautions Inservice Part 3    
  Universal Precautions Inservice Part 4    
May Domestic Violence Inservice Part 1 Domestic Violence Quiz All staff
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 2    
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 3    
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 4    
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 5    
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 6    
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 7    
June Fire & Safety Inservice Part 1 Fire & Safety Quiz All staff
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 2    
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 3    
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 4    
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 5    
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 6    
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 7    
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 8    
July Hearing Impaired Inservice Hearing Impaired Quiz HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
August Going from Cure to Comfort Inservice Going from Cure to Comfort Quiz HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
September Update to Infection Control Inservice Part 1 Update to Infection Control Quiz HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
  Update to Infection Control Inservice Part 2    
October Macular Degeneration/Vision Loss Inservice Macular Degeneration/Vision Loss Quiz HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
November Diabetes Inservice Diabetes Quiz HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
December Blood Glucose Meters Inservice Blood Glucose Meters Quiz HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
Alzheimer's Inservice Alzheimer's Part 1 Alzheimer's Quiz HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
  Alzheimer's Part 2    
  Alzheimer's Part 3    

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